Howdy world! It's Bethany
here and I have just finished a great interview with the lovely asheyboomboom!
:D She is really sweet and you're going to love her! Enjoy!

1) How did you find

I was looking for an app on my phone for reading, and I found
Wattpad, so I got it and made an account.

2) Are you on any other
writer’s websites?

If you mean joint accounts, no.

3) So a lot of your books
are based around One Direction, would you say that you were a big

Yeah. They're awesome!

4) Have you ever seen them

Sadly, no. I really want to see them, but I never got to.

5) Favourite

Suzanne Collins, Michelle Harrison, and a bunch of others.

6) Favourite

The Hunger Games trilogy, Palace of Mirrors, and the 13 Treasures
trilogy (even though I've only read the first

7) Favourite fictional

Katniss Everdeen!! She's really cool.

8) Do you want to write
professionally or is it just a

It's just a hobby for me, although being an author would be a
cool job. :)

9) Celebrity

One Direction, but my favorite is Harry.

10) What is your most
embarrassing moment?

I trip alot, so that's pretty embarassing for me.

11) What is your biggest

To become a singer. I love music and singing.

12) Who or what is your
biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is The Cheetah Girls. I grew up watching
their movies and they're the reason I love music.

13) Favourite

Pizza or ice cream. I like both. My favorite ice cream flavor is
either Cookie Dough or Vanilla.

14) Favourite

Mountain Dew. I don't know why I love it so much, I just do.

15) Finally... Team Edward,
Team Jacob or Team Twilight sucks?

I'm not really a big fan of Twilight, but it doesn't suck to me.
I didn't like New Moon, and Eclipse was my favorite in the

Well there you have it
folks! I would like to say a big thank you to YOU, yes, YOU for reading this
interview and a huge thanks to asheyboomboom for taking part! I hope you enjoyed

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