Hello world! This is Bethany
speaking and I have just taken part in a great interview with the fantastic
DreamingAlways! She is a lovely person and I'm sure that you will enjoy this
interview! :D

1) How did you find out
about Wattpad?

I found out about Wattpad from a person on Quizilla named
  voldysninja who was switching over to

using Wattpad too.             

2) Which is the favourite
book that you've written?

I personally love my story A Stab in the Dark, because it was
like a therapy writing for me. I started

writing it when I was really depressed and it just made me feel
better to write it.

3) What is it

A Stab in the Dark is about a suicidal teenager, Charlotte who is
trying to get help from an ex-friend after her best friend kills herself and the
whole school body turns their backs on Charlotte. Charlotte's ex-friend ends up
moving in with her and having to watch her almost 24/7 because she is on the
brink of killing herself.

4) Do you want to go into
writing professionally?

I would love to be a professional writer. It's one of my dreams
and I hope that someday it will happen. Everyone in my school has seen me just
write and write and write instead of doing schoolwork and they always are asking
if I'm going to get my stories

5) What is the most exciting
thing that's happened to you in terms of your

I have gotten two of my stories, one of them being A Stab in the
Dark, the other being My Sister's Guardian Angel, in print. I have five copies
currently of A Stab in the Dark that I got free from writing 50,000 word during
NaNoWriMo. I was so thrilled when I got it in the mail, I couldn't stop jumping
up and down :}

Wow! Sounds

6) Who is your favourite
character from your books?

 That's a hard one. I have a favorite
character in every single one of my books but not really an overall favorite. If
I had to pick one though, I would choose Ethan from A Stab in the Dark because
he's just a sweetheart in the end, after being a complete jerk in the beginning.

7) Are any of your
  characters based on real people?

Yes my characters all are somewhat based off real people. I use a
person at first to base them off of, but then I start to branch off from them.
At the end of the story its hard to even tell who I based who off of.

8) Who or what is your

A lot of my stories actually have their own inspiration, like A
Stab in the Dark was inspired by one of my friends that became my ex-friend
suddenly one summer over a misunderstanding. The most inspirational thing to me
is traveling though. Every place I go I think of a new story because it's a
different setting.

I completely agree on this

9) Do you have a favourite
author and book on Wattpad?

Another hard one....I would have to say my favorite story on here
is Never Have I Ever, A Pirate's Kiss, or the Vampire Diaries Fan Fics that
Dark-Violet writes....I am absolutely awful at picking favorites though, so I

don't really have a

10) Favourite

I don't have a favorite food.I guess it would be chow mien right
now, but it changes all the time.

11) Favourite

My favorite drink is Naked smoothies. It doesn't matter what kind
they are, I love them.

12) Favourite

I don't have a favorite film either.  Right
now I'm sort of on a X-men streak though, so I suppose those movies are my

Nice one! I love

13) Who is your celebrity

I don't have a celebrity crush unless Dave Days or Justin
  Robinett count as celebrities.

14) Favourite

My brother says that Rogue from the X-men doesn't count as a
superhero, otherwise I would say her...So I'm going to have to go with Hawkeye.
I haven't seen any of the movies he is in or anything like that, he just seems
like a cool kid.

15) Do you have any advice
to people just starting to write stories on

Don't give up. You might not get a lot of people reading your
stories right away, but don't give up.The readers will come eventually, you just
have to keep writing. Also, check out all the clubs that Wattpad has. There are
a lot of great ways to spread your story and get to know other Wattpadders in
the clubs!

16) And finally.... team
Edward or team Jacob or team twilight

Yeah I'm not any of them :} I mean I'm not exactly Edward,
frankly he annoys me, but I'm not really team Jacob since he annoys me too. I
don't think that the book sucks though, it's actually a well written book that I
enjoyed and all. The movies ruined it


Thanks for interviewing me! :}

So there you have it folks!
I hope you enjoyed reading this interview! A huge thanks to DreamingAlways for
taking part and a huge thanks to YOU for reading

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