Hey world! Bethany speaking and I have just interviewed the lovely romolavinia91!! I hope you like this interview, she's lovely! Enjoy!

1) How did you find out about Wattpad?

I was looking for apps with free books on my phone one day and Wattpad popped up.

2) Personally, I think that your story 'Royal Pain' is AMAZING! So how did you come up with the

Well it kinda started when I was watching an old episode of the bachelor, the one with the British guy; gosh I love British accents LOL, anyways I started thinking of ways to make it better like perhaps three identical
gorgeous brothers. Every girls dream basically. Then after that my best friends started adding their own input and we sorta formed it from there.

British accents rule! Proud to be British right now!

3) Are your characters based on anyone?

Deva is based on me. She has my personality, sarcasm, and just about everything else. Julia is based off of one of my best friends; I kept her name. The three princes are really not based on anyone particular beside Henry Cavill; who I envisioned from the start for them. I wanted to make up the ultimate trio.

4) I love Darius! How did you come up with his character?

Mmmm...Ah yes my lovely Darius. Well Darius is basically the bad boy your parents tell you to stay away from. He comes off as a player but once he opens up he's every thing you can dream of wanting. Every characteristic I like in a guy I put together in Darius. Girls are attracted to the troubled guys that want to be good. So Darius is basically my dream guy. 

He's my dream guy too! :P

5) Can you give us a sneak peek into your next chapter or is it a surprise?

The next chapter will be the big revealing of Red's secret love child. I know there have been a lot of talk about who's baby it really is. So the next chapter will bring out the truth. Is it Darius' or not?

Words cannot describe how excited I am about this! I really hope it's not Darius'!

6) Who or what is your inspiration?

My inspiration for this book was trying to make something that was better than Twilight. LOL I wanted so badly to bash on Edward's character and I got to do that in my book ;) And to be honest I got tired of predicting the ending to most books. I felt like I heard it all and that's why I write my own stories. 

7) Do you wish to carry on with writing professionally or is it just a hobby?

I do want to carry on professionally. I'm actually getting one of my close friends to edit the book for me so I can finally get it out there. I have so many ideas in my head so why not make them into books and sell them.

8) Do you let any of your family or friends read your stories?

Hahaha my family isn't big on reading. Strange, I know. But my friends love reading my work. They always try to get me to tell them how  it will end or help me come up with new ideas. 

9) Do you have a favourite book and author on Wattpad?

O gosh, there are so many talented people on that website but at the moment I love katrocks247 and her "Death" books. I'm a sarcastic person at heart and her books are hilarious yet dangerous and sexy. That is a very hard combination to pull off.

10) What advice would you give to people just starting to write stories on Wattpad?

Well I'd say don't give up. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't always ignore peoples advice. They can honestly help you with things you might not notice as the writer.

11) Why do you like to write stories?

My mind is filled with crazy ideas and writing them down just makes sense. I love to write because I'm tired of reading predicable stories. I like twists and turns so I might as well share them with the world. 

12) Favourite film?

I love Angelina Jolie so I'd have to say the Tomb Raider movies are my favorite.

Good choice!

13) Favourite song?

Saosin- You're Not Alone

14) Favourite band?

Breaking Benjamin

15) What is the one thing you can't live without?

Dark Chocolate ;)

16) Finally.... team edward or team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

I was always Team Edward from the beginning. You got to love vampires. Sorry pup. LOL  
Finishing Comment:
Hope that was good enough. It was an honor answering your guys' questions. Thanks for picking me and reading my story. 

Completely my pleasure! 
There you have it folks! I had so much fun doing this interview and I'm hoping that you all enjoy reading it! A huge thanks to romolavinia91 for taking part and check out her awesome
stories on Wattpad!! :D

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