Howdy world! I know I
haven't had many interviews posted up here lately but not many people have
gotten back to me about doing an interview :( However this next interview is one
of the most awesome writers on Wattpad... SPRITTALS98!! Her book 'I Am Reese'
nearly had me peeing my pants from laughing! :P Enjoy!

1) How did you find

When my friend got an iPod, she downloaded the app and I had an
iPod too so my whole group of friends got it. I originally only used it for
reading, without an account, but then I decided that I wanted one just to have
one. My friend lost her iPod though. And recently, so did

Oh no! I hope you find it!

2) Are you on any other
writing websites?

No, I'm not, but I'm trying to find some.

3) Your book 'I Am Reese' is
one of the funniest books I have ever read, how did you come up with the

I was thinking about a video I watched on YouTube and trying to
think of a story idea at the same time and it just... came to

4) I really love the
character of Reese, did you base her on

Most of Reese's experience's are situations that I, or my
  friends, have gotten into just taken to a different level. And her thoughts are
  things that I would have thought in the situation, also taken to a higher

5) Who is your favourite
character out of the characters you have

For I Am Reese, I'd have to say Lace because she literally kills
me. But out of all the characters I have created it would have to be Mason from
His Perspective because he is literally the perfect

Eeeeeeep! I love him so

6) Do you want to write
professionally in the future or is it just a

I do want to write professionally, but as I side kind of thing.
Like If I became a doctor, I'd be a doctor, and then when I came home, I'd
write. Unless my books became really famous and I didn't need to have any other

Awesome! Saving the world
one bookaholic at a time!

7) Who
is your favourite author

I'm going to have to add an s to that. My favorite authors are
Sarah Dessen, Rick Riordan, Cat Patrick, Eliot Schrefer and I can't think of
anymore at the moment, but there are a lot

8) Favourite

I also have to add an s to that. The School for Dangerous Girls,
the Percy Jackson series, Just Listen, Forgotten, and Delirium.

I also love Percy

9) Who inspires you with
your writing?

Fans. Fans, fans, fans.

10) Favourite

Well, I don't have a favorite food, but I have a favorite junk
food. Which is Funnel Cake. It's so good. My

Never heard of it but it
sure sounds yummy!

11) Favourite

Sun Drop. Mostly because of the commercials

12) Who is your celebrity

An s to that one too! All of One Direction, Logan Lerman and
Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum is one of the
sexiest men to walk the planet!

13) What is your biggest

For a world where you can become famous without everyone
  following you around and snooping in your stuff. Because then I'd love to be

14) What was your most
embarrassing moment?

I don't get embarrassed easily, but I'll share a moment where
anyone else would've been embarrassed. Just not me. One time in science class,
this guy was throwing those little staples at me anytime I turned around and one
feel down my shirt. I couldn't find it, but I felt it in there the whole day. He
just laughed.

15) Did you expect your
books to become this big?

No. Not at all. Because I've started other books before I Am
Reese but they never got far.. but somehow this one did. I have no idea

I know why! Because it's
amazeballs and it's a really original

16) Finally... Team Edward,
Team Jacob or Team Twilight sucks?

Hmm, I used to be Team Edward with Jacob's looks, because I hate
Jacob's personality. But I saw this picture of RP and.. it was like a whole new
light for me. So now I'm just team Edward. If I have to

I love Edward too! Still
can't believe that K-Stew cheated on

Well there you have it
folks! I would like to say a big thank you to YOU yes, YOU for reading and a
huge thank you to Sprittals98 for taking part! If you would like to be
  interviewed or know a writer you would like to read an interview with then just
  send us a message on my Wattpad account @bethybomb95

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