Hello world! This is Bethy speaking and I have just finished my interview with X2sweetforyouX! I am so happy with this interview and it was a great one to do for my first one! She is amazing and you'll love her personality!

1) How did you hear about Wattpad?

Quizilla. That always seems to be the answer for many people on wattpad. I noticed how every one said that they are leaving to wattpad so I decided why not see what it was about. Truthfully at first I hated wattpad but
then it grew on me. Wattpad was so confusing at first.

2) Are any of the characters from your book 'The Word Love is Foreign' based on anyone (whether it be people you know or people you don't)? 

Ok so Emma is based on me a lot. Shes almost like a clone in a way but then she is her own person in a way too.Valentino is just... well Valentino Allegros. He really isn't but on anything besides what I wanted him to act like. Valentino name came from my aunt grandfather if that counts. Frankie is based on all my friends combided. That what makes him so awesome and he is my ultimate favorite character. Sasha is based on my little sister and Alex is based on my best friends older brother.

3) Do you have any other stories you are in the middle of writing?

I do. It wont be posted for a while though. Its about seven teenagers that are genetically enhanced when they were are born and are sent in all parts of the country when the government finds out what they are doing to the kids. When they are all teenagers they are found and brought in to talk to the president because a certain someone wants to take over the country and the seven teenagers are the only one who can save them. Also there team is called the seven. Not that original but I made them a logo like they have for avengers and The7 logo looks amazing so that's how I knew it was the one. The plot may change a little but this is what will most likely happen.
Here are the characters names:

5) Is writing a hobby or do you wish to go into it professionally?

I think it’s a hobby but I don't know if I really want to become an author yet. You never know. I think I may want to be a journalist. Tern vogue and Elle are like my dream jobs.

6) Who or what is your inspiration for writing?

Songs and people. I really like to take people personal experiences and put them into my own story and I feel people can relate more to somebody if they went through something like that. Take Emma for example she poor like most people now in this economy. Her father died from cancer and her brother has autism. It’s not something anybody can handle but Emma is strong and gets up every day for her family that way she can name them have a better life. Emma still has spunk in her and life even though her life is complete shit (excuse my French). I hope my character Emma shows that you can be strong even though life is taking a downturn.

7) Do you have a favourite book on Wattpad? 

I do. At the moment its the Italian billionaire but my all-time fav is Enjoying the chase by kristy1000. Absolutely love that book.

8) Do you have any advice for anybody just starting to write their own stories on Wattpad? 

Proof-read a lot. Keep checking to see if you have any mistakes or get an editor. Also be yourself. Who cares what other people think about your story. As long has you like it then that's all that matters. Have fun.

9) Harry potter or Twilight?

Harry potter. I really didn’t like Harry potter until the last couple movies. I used to love twilight but then I realized the book was just a load of crap and it ruined vampires for me. I'm more of the buyer games. It was out of my comfort zone but then I fell in love with the world and Finnick. Oh Finnick I love you...

10) Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Pauly D. I live diagonally from him and he's friends with my uncles. If you don’t know who he is he's from jersey shore.

11) Cats or dogs? 

Both. I have three cats and two dogs. My family is all about rescuing animals and almost all my cats and
dogs were rescued and he also find homes for many of them.

12) Favourite film? 

Any superhero movie. Mostly the avengers because well Chris Evans Butt is so cute and I just love Thor and Chris Hemsworth. I am a total action movie girl I cannot stand the notebook or any Nicholas sparks books. They are just too mushy. This is what's happens when you are surrounded by guys on the weekends.... that came out wrong and I am not a whore!!!!

I'm more of a Loki girl myself... ;P

13) Favourite fictional character?

Adrian because he's cute, drunk have the time but he has a very good reason,he has a super sweet side
around Sydney,  and hes an artist. I am a sucker for artist because I am one also too. He is from bloodlines by Richella mead.

14) Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Neither. I never watched Lord of the Rings or Star Wars but I like Star Trek.

15) Favourite band? 

Panic! At the disco. Brendon Urie has one of the most amazing voices ever.
The killers- I love their lyrics
My chemical romance
I have plenty more trust me!!

16) What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you? 

When I passed science class. I'm just kidding but that was one of the best. Hmmm.... becoming a first flute in band. It was pretty special.

17) And the most important one of all... Is Ian Somerhalder the sexiest man alive? 

OMG!!! don't even get me started. When I first watched Vampire Diaries I was like who is the guy and why is he so cute. I am in love with Him and he will be my future husband. My friends already know I called dibs. I love his eyes and he has my black hair. He is my dream guy. If you don't think that he is hot then there is something wrong with you.


Well I would have to agree
with you on that last answer X2sweetforyouX! He is gorgeous!

A big thanks to
  X2sweetforyouX for taking part in this interview! She is amazing!!

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