Howdy world! This is Bethany
speaking and I have just finished a interview with the fabulous
  xxLivingtheLifexx!! Very excited about this interview as she wrote 'My Werewolf
  Savior' which is amazing! So check it out! Enjoy!

1) How did you find

I was looking for a writing website and found

2) Your book 'My Werewolf
Savior' is freaking awesome! How did you get inspiration for

Thank you! And umm I just wanted to write a werewolf story but
have a twist to it.

3) Caiden (so cute) is one
of my favourite characters EVER! How did you come up with his personality? Did
you base him on anyone?

I like him too(: and he's not based off anyone. I came up with
his personality from what his past was

4) Did you base any of your
other characters on anyone?

Lia from 'The Alpha's Runaway Mate' is based off my friends
because they are weird and crazy like her. Haha.


5) How did you come up with
Sophia's character?

Same as Caiden. I just took what her past was like and made her
reflect from it.

6) Do you like writing 'My
Werewolf Savior'?

I love writing it! It is one of my books that I am determined to
finish but right now I am having writer's block :/ I'm working on it

Oh no! I hope it goes away
soon as it is fantastic! :D

7) Do you want to go into
writing professionally or is it just a

It's just a hobbie for me. But it would be cool to have one of my
books published.

8) Who is your favourite
Wattpad author?

 kirsty1000. Her books are amazing and so
is her talent!

9) Which Wattpad book do you

Free Falling by kirsty1000.

10) Do you have any advice
for anyone who is starting to write their own stories on

You have to start somewhere
so don't be afraid to put your work out there! The more practice you get, the
  better you get.

Couldn't agree

11) What is the weirdest
thing that has ever happened to

I was out with my friends and this old couple came up to us and
the lady said to her husband pointing at me, "Doesn't she look like Sandra

Wow! What a compliment!

12) What is your most
embarrassing moment?

Falling face first on the dance floor at my Aunt's wedding. My
mom wouldn't let me live it down for soooo long!

13) Who is your celebrity

Jared Padalecki! <3 Love

14) Who is the most
famous person you have ever met?

I can't think of anyone... awkward

15) Do you have any pet

I hate when people chew loud! Usually at dinner, I don't let
anyone sit by me for that reason lol.

16) Finally... team Edward,
team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

Uhhhhh screw Twilight! I'm team Peeta!<3



I hope that answers all you want to know!

Thanks for the

Absolutely no problem!

So there you have it folks!
I loved doing this interview! I hope you enjoyed reading it! A big thank you to
xxLivingtheLifexx for taking part and a huge thanks to YOU for reading this!
Comment or drop us a message if you want to be interviewed or if you have a
favourite author that you want to read an interview with! Peace out and rock on!

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