Howdy world! It's Bethany
here and I have just finished a great interview with the lovely asheyboomboom!
:D She is really sweet and you're going to love her! Enjoy!

1) How did you find

I was looking for an app on my phone for reading, and I found
Wattpad, so I got it and made an account.

2) Are you on any other
writer’s websites?

If you mean joint accounts, no.

3) So a lot of your books
are based around One Direction, would you say that you were a big

Yeah. They're awesome!

4) Have you ever seen them

Sadly, no. I really want to see them, but I never got to.

5) Favourite

Suzanne Collins, Michelle Harrison, and a bunch of others.

6) Favourite

The Hunger Games trilogy, Palace of Mirrors, and the 13 Treasures
trilogy (even though I've only read the first

7) Favourite fictional

Katniss Everdeen!! She's really cool.

8) Do you want to write
professionally or is it just a

It's just a hobby for me, although being an author would be a
cool job. :)

9) Celebrity

One Direction, but my favorite is Harry.

10) What is your most
embarrassing moment?

I trip alot, so that's pretty embarassing for me.

11) What is your biggest

To become a singer. I love music and singing.

12) Who or what is your
biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is The Cheetah Girls. I grew up watching
their movies and they're the reason I love music.

13) Favourite

Pizza or ice cream. I like both. My favorite ice cream flavor is
either Cookie Dough or Vanilla.

14) Favourite

Mountain Dew. I don't know why I love it so much, I just do.

15) Finally... Team Edward,
Team Jacob or Team Twilight sucks?

I'm not really a big fan of Twilight, but it doesn't suck to me.
I didn't like New Moon, and Eclipse was my favorite in the

Well there you have it
folks! I would like to say a big thank you to YOU, yes, YOU for reading this
interview and a huge thanks to asheyboomboom for taking part! I hope you enjoyed

Howdy world! I know I
haven't had many interviews posted up here lately but not many people have
gotten back to me about doing an interview :( However this next interview is one
of the most awesome writers on Wattpad... SPRITTALS98!! Her book 'I Am Reese'
nearly had me peeing my pants from laughing! :P Enjoy!

1) How did you find

When my friend got an iPod, she downloaded the app and I had an
iPod too so my whole group of friends got it. I originally only used it for
reading, without an account, but then I decided that I wanted one just to have
one. My friend lost her iPod though. And recently, so did

Oh no! I hope you find it!

2) Are you on any other
writing websites?

No, I'm not, but I'm trying to find some.

3) Your book 'I Am Reese' is
one of the funniest books I have ever read, how did you come up with the

I was thinking about a video I watched on YouTube and trying to
think of a story idea at the same time and it just... came to

4) I really love the
character of Reese, did you base her on

Most of Reese's experience's are situations that I, or my
  friends, have gotten into just taken to a different level. And her thoughts are
  things that I would have thought in the situation, also taken to a higher

5) Who is your favourite
character out of the characters you have

For I Am Reese, I'd have to say Lace because she literally kills
me. But out of all the characters I have created it would have to be Mason from
His Perspective because he is literally the perfect

Eeeeeeep! I love him so

6) Do you want to write
professionally in the future or is it just a

I do want to write professionally, but as I side kind of thing.
Like If I became a doctor, I'd be a doctor, and then when I came home, I'd
write. Unless my books became really famous and I didn't need to have any other

Awesome! Saving the world
one bookaholic at a time!

7) Who
is your favourite author

I'm going to have to add an s to that. My favorite authors are
Sarah Dessen, Rick Riordan, Cat Patrick, Eliot Schrefer and I can't think of
anymore at the moment, but there are a lot

8) Favourite

I also have to add an s to that. The School for Dangerous Girls,
the Percy Jackson series, Just Listen, Forgotten, and Delirium.

I also love Percy

9) Who inspires you with
your writing?

Fans. Fans, fans, fans.

10) Favourite

Well, I don't have a favorite food, but I have a favorite junk
food. Which is Funnel Cake. It's so good. My

Never heard of it but it
sure sounds yummy!

11) Favourite

Sun Drop. Mostly because of the commercials

12) Who is your celebrity

An s to that one too! All of One Direction, Logan Lerman and
Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum is one of the
sexiest men to walk the planet!

13) What is your biggest

For a world where you can become famous without everyone
  following you around and snooping in your stuff. Because then I'd love to be

14) What was your most
embarrassing moment?

I don't get embarrassed easily, but I'll share a moment where
anyone else would've been embarrassed. Just not me. One time in science class,
this guy was throwing those little staples at me anytime I turned around and one
feel down my shirt. I couldn't find it, but I felt it in there the whole day. He
just laughed.

15) Did you expect your
books to become this big?

No. Not at all. Because I've started other books before I Am
Reese but they never got far.. but somehow this one did. I have no idea

I know why! Because it's
amazeballs and it's a really original

16) Finally... Team Edward,
Team Jacob or Team Twilight sucks?

Hmm, I used to be Team Edward with Jacob's looks, because I hate
Jacob's personality. But I saw this picture of RP and.. it was like a whole new
light for me. So now I'm just team Edward. If I have to

I love Edward too! Still
can't believe that K-Stew cheated on

Well there you have it
folks! I would like to say a big thank you to YOU yes, YOU for reading and a
huge thank you to Sprittals98 for taking part! If you would like to be
  interviewed or know a writer you would like to read an interview with then just
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Howdy world! This is Bethany
speaking and I have just finished a interview with the fabulous
  xxLivingtheLifexx!! Very excited about this interview as she wrote 'My Werewolf
  Savior' which is amazing! So check it out! Enjoy!

1) How did you find

I was looking for a writing website and found

2) Your book 'My Werewolf
Savior' is freaking awesome! How did you get inspiration for

Thank you! And umm I just wanted to write a werewolf story but
have a twist to it.

3) Caiden (so cute) is one
of my favourite characters EVER! How did you come up with his personality? Did
you base him on anyone?

I like him too(: and he's not based off anyone. I came up with
his personality from what his past was

4) Did you base any of your
other characters on anyone?

Lia from 'The Alpha's Runaway Mate' is based off my friends
because they are weird and crazy like her. Haha.


5) How did you come up with
Sophia's character?

Same as Caiden. I just took what her past was like and made her
reflect from it.

6) Do you like writing 'My
Werewolf Savior'?

I love writing it! It is one of my books that I am determined to
finish but right now I am having writer's block :/ I'm working on it

Oh no! I hope it goes away
soon as it is fantastic! :D

7) Do you want to go into
writing professionally or is it just a

It's just a hobbie for me. But it would be cool to have one of my
books published.

8) Who is your favourite
Wattpad author?

 kirsty1000. Her books are amazing and so
is her talent!

9) Which Wattpad book do you

Free Falling by kirsty1000.

10) Do you have any advice
for anyone who is starting to write their own stories on

You have to start somewhere
so don't be afraid to put your work out there! The more practice you get, the
  better you get.

Couldn't agree

11) What is the weirdest
thing that has ever happened to

I was out with my friends and this old couple came up to us and
the lady said to her husband pointing at me, "Doesn't she look like Sandra

Wow! What a compliment!

12) What is your most
embarrassing moment?

Falling face first on the dance floor at my Aunt's wedding. My
mom wouldn't let me live it down for soooo long!

13) Who is your celebrity

Jared Padalecki! <3 Love

14) Who is the most
famous person you have ever met?

I can't think of anyone... awkward

15) Do you have any pet

I hate when people chew loud! Usually at dinner, I don't let
anyone sit by me for that reason lol.

16) Finally... team Edward,
team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

Uhhhhh screw Twilight! I'm team Peeta!<3



I hope that answers all you want to know!

Thanks for the

Absolutely no problem!

So there you have it folks!
I loved doing this interview! I hope you enjoyed reading it! A big thank you to
xxLivingtheLifexx for taking part and a huge thanks to YOU for reading this!
Comment or drop us a message if you want to be interviewed or if you have a
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Hey world! This is Bethany
speaking! I am very excited about this interview as it is with one of my all
time favourite authors on Wattpad... PRINCESS_ROSE!!!! She is the GENIUS that
writes 'The Cheerleader and the Cage Fighter are... Dance Partners?' and one of
my favourite books on Wattpad! I know you're going to love this interview!

How did you find Wattpad?

I was searching online for a new writing site to write on and
ended up finding Wattpad via Google... and I'm very glad that I did

So am

2) Your story 'The
  Cheerleader and the Cage Fighter are... Dance Partners?' is one of the best
  things that I have ever read! How did you come up with the story

I wanted to write a romantic story about two people that on the
surface appear to be complete opposites. I always get forced to watch UFC/ MMA/
Boxing, etc so I decided it would be cool to have a boy that was

a fighter and a girl that was a cheerleader as cheerleaders are
stereotypically seen as being overly happy and

3) Did you have any
particular inspirations or

I straight away thought of Brittany Snow for Kaydie and in my
opinion she's almost perfect looking so I decided that the character Kaydie was
going to be viewed as being perfect by the people around her, not only in looks
but in personality, etc. I saw a fight between a fighter called Dominic Cruz and
I think he was probably part of the reason that I decided to have a fighter in
my story as I took a bit of interest in his fighting and his back story.

4) Like any normal girl
would be, I am loving your character Liam! How did you come up with his

Well, a lot of young UFC fighters are really good looking so
obviously I wanted him to be too. I wanted him to come across as being a bit of
a bad boy but also that he was smart and a good friend. I wracked my brains
  trying to think of an actor that looked like how I imagined him; initially all
  I could think of was Matt Lanter (but he was the person I used for Ricky in
  MLWSWY), but then I remembered the character in Vampires Suck and was like AHA!
  THAT'S LIAM! I wanted Liam to be someone that could kick someones ass, but also
  be loveable (and huggable).

Haha, I love that

5) Can you give us any sneak
peeks into your next chapter or are you going to surprise

Liam and Kaydie go to the fair with Chelsea and Jordan

6) From reading your book I
can tell that you are a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold ;) So are they big
influence in your life? (Loving the 'scream' bit in TCATCFADP

Yeah, I've loved Avenged Sevenfold for years, they're amazing. I
met them in 2006 which was amazeballs! I almost got the deathbat tattoo when I
was 18, but I chickened out at the last minute - I think I'd still consider
getting a tiny deathbat tattoo. I find their music very therapeutic when I'm
angry or stressed lol. I actually wrote a few Avenged Sevenfold fanfics years
and years ago.

Nice! I am so

7) Did you think that your
books would be this popular?

Nope - I'm really ecstatic that they are

8) Is there anything that
you'd like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for reading my stories, I truly appreciate it.
I know sometimes I can take a while to update, but I have a lot on my plate at
the moment. It does make me really happy though that people are enjoying the
stories enough that they are willing to

9) What advice would you
give to people who are about to start writing their own stories on

To write for themselves. Some stories will become really popular,
some won't - it's important to not let the popularity of it affect whether you
continue writing it. At first my MLWSWY didn't have many reads or comments but I
loved the story and I continued writing it


10) Do you want to go into
writing professionally or is it just a

I would absolutely LOVE to, but I don't think that I am anywhere
near good enough. When I read my stories, I know that they can be improved loads
- it's just finding the spare time to properly edit

Well I think that you could
definitely publish them!

11) Do you have a favourite
author and book on Wattpad?

I have quite a few.... I'd say that at the moment I'm eagerly
waiting for katrocks247 to upload the next part of Death I My Frenemy - I love
the whole Death Is My BFF story that she's done. My other favourite authors and
stories are: Reekles - The Kissing Booth, xXBeautifulFighterXx - The Way He's
Not, farawayfromnowhere - Never Have I Ever. There are loads more stories that I

12) What is the pet peeve
you hate the most?

I hate people that talk behind your back, even though they
repeatedly say "If I've got something to say, I'll say it to someones face".
Like I've said before, I also hate hearing English people say

13) Favourite

My favourite bands of all time are: N'Sync, Green Day, Avenged
Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and

I am also completely in love
with My Chemical Romance!!

Favourite song?

I like so many songs.... N'Sync - I Want You Back, Green Day -
Redundant, Simple Plan - Save You, Good Charlotte - Hold On, Avenged Sevenfold -
Warmness On The Soul, The Calling - Wherever You Will

15) Favourite

The Lost Boys and The Little

The Little Mermaid was my
childhood! Oh how I love that film!

16) What is the most amazing
thing that has ever happened to

Having my little girl. It's been hard work, but she is so worth

Aww, that's

17) Finally... team
Edward or team Jacob or team Twilight

When I first read the books I was all Team Edward and hated
Jacob. Then when I saw the films, I started liking both of them (fickle I know).
So... Team Edward AND Jacob.

Haha, both is a VERY
good answer :P So there you have it folks! Still in awe that I got to interview
princess_rose *squeals*... and I'm over it :P I hope you enjoyed reading this
interview as much as I enjoyed it! A huge thank you to princess_rose for taking
part and a massive thanks to YOU for reading it! Peace out and rock on!

Hello world! This is Bethany
speaking and I have just taken part in a great interview with the fantastic
DreamingAlways! She is a lovely person and I'm sure that you will enjoy this
interview! :D

1) How did you find out
about Wattpad?

I found out about Wattpad from a person on Quizilla named
  voldysninja who was switching over to

using Wattpad too.             

2) Which is the favourite
book that you've written?

I personally love my story A Stab in the Dark, because it was
like a therapy writing for me. I started

writing it when I was really depressed and it just made me feel
better to write it.

3) What is it

A Stab in the Dark is about a suicidal teenager, Charlotte who is
trying to get help from an ex-friend after her best friend kills herself and the
whole school body turns their backs on Charlotte. Charlotte's ex-friend ends up
moving in with her and having to watch her almost 24/7 because she is on the
brink of killing herself.

4) Do you want to go into
writing professionally?

I would love to be a professional writer. It's one of my dreams
and I hope that someday it will happen. Everyone in my school has seen me just
write and write and write instead of doing schoolwork and they always are asking
if I'm going to get my stories

5) What is the most exciting
thing that's happened to you in terms of your

I have gotten two of my stories, one of them being A Stab in the
Dark, the other being My Sister's Guardian Angel, in print. I have five copies
currently of A Stab in the Dark that I got free from writing 50,000 word during
NaNoWriMo. I was so thrilled when I got it in the mail, I couldn't stop jumping
up and down :}

Wow! Sounds

6) Who is your favourite
character from your books?

 That's a hard one. I have a favorite
character in every single one of my books but not really an overall favorite. If
I had to pick one though, I would choose Ethan from A Stab in the Dark because
he's just a sweetheart in the end, after being a complete jerk in the beginning.

7) Are any of your
  characters based on real people?

Yes my characters all are somewhat based off real people. I use a
person at first to base them off of, but then I start to branch off from them.
At the end of the story its hard to even tell who I based who off of.

8) Who or what is your

A lot of my stories actually have their own inspiration, like A
Stab in the Dark was inspired by one of my friends that became my ex-friend
suddenly one summer over a misunderstanding. The most inspirational thing to me
is traveling though. Every place I go I think of a new story because it's a
different setting.

I completely agree on this

9) Do you have a favourite
author and book on Wattpad?

Another hard one....I would have to say my favorite story on here
is Never Have I Ever, A Pirate's Kiss, or the Vampire Diaries Fan Fics that
Dark-Violet writes....I am absolutely awful at picking favorites though, so I

don't really have a

10) Favourite

I don't have a favorite food.I guess it would be chow mien right
now, but it changes all the time.

11) Favourite

My favorite drink is Naked smoothies. It doesn't matter what kind
they are, I love them.

12) Favourite

I don't have a favorite film either.  Right
now I'm sort of on a X-men streak though, so I suppose those movies are my

Nice one! I love

13) Who is your celebrity

I don't have a celebrity crush unless Dave Days or Justin
  Robinett count as celebrities.

14) Favourite

My brother says that Rogue from the X-men doesn't count as a
superhero, otherwise I would say her...So I'm going to have to go with Hawkeye.
I haven't seen any of the movies he is in or anything like that, he just seems
like a cool kid.

15) Do you have any advice
to people just starting to write stories on

Don't give up. You might not get a lot of people reading your
stories right away, but don't give up.The readers will come eventually, you just
have to keep writing. Also, check out all the clubs that Wattpad has. There are
a lot of great ways to spread your story and get to know other Wattpadders in
the clubs!

16) And finally.... team
Edward or team Jacob or team twilight

Yeah I'm not any of them :} I mean I'm not exactly Edward,
frankly he annoys me, but I'm not really team Jacob since he annoys me too. I
don't think that the book sucks though, it's actually a well written book that I
enjoyed and all. The movies ruined it


Thanks for interviewing me! :}

So there you have it folks!
I hope you enjoyed reading this interview! A huge thanks to DreamingAlways for
taking part and a huge thanks to YOU for reading

Hey world! Bethany speaking and I have just interviewed the lovely romolavinia91!! I hope you like this interview, she's lovely! Enjoy!

1) How did you find out about Wattpad?

I was looking for apps with free books on my phone one day and Wattpad popped up.

2) Personally, I think that your story 'Royal Pain' is AMAZING! So how did you come up with the

Well it kinda started when I was watching an old episode of the bachelor, the one with the British guy; gosh I love British accents LOL, anyways I started thinking of ways to make it better like perhaps three identical
gorgeous brothers. Every girls dream basically. Then after that my best friends started adding their own input and we sorta formed it from there.

British accents rule! Proud to be British right now!

3) Are your characters based on anyone?

Deva is based on me. She has my personality, sarcasm, and just about everything else. Julia is based off of one of my best friends; I kept her name. The three princes are really not based on anyone particular beside Henry Cavill; who I envisioned from the start for them. I wanted to make up the ultimate trio.

4) I love Darius! How did you come up with his character?

Mmmm...Ah yes my lovely Darius. Well Darius is basically the bad boy your parents tell you to stay away from. He comes off as a player but once he opens up he's every thing you can dream of wanting. Every characteristic I like in a guy I put together in Darius. Girls are attracted to the troubled guys that want to be good. So Darius is basically my dream guy. 

He's my dream guy too! :P

5) Can you give us a sneak peek into your next chapter or is it a surprise?

The next chapter will be the big revealing of Red's secret love child. I know there have been a lot of talk about who's baby it really is. So the next chapter will bring out the truth. Is it Darius' or not?

Words cannot describe how excited I am about this! I really hope it's not Darius'!

6) Who or what is your inspiration?

My inspiration for this book was trying to make something that was better than Twilight. LOL I wanted so badly to bash on Edward's character and I got to do that in my book ;) And to be honest I got tired of predicting the ending to most books. I felt like I heard it all and that's why I write my own stories. 

7) Do you wish to carry on with writing professionally or is it just a hobby?

I do want to carry on professionally. I'm actually getting one of my close friends to edit the book for me so I can finally get it out there. I have so many ideas in my head so why not make them into books and sell them.

8) Do you let any of your family or friends read your stories?

Hahaha my family isn't big on reading. Strange, I know. But my friends love reading my work. They always try to get me to tell them how  it will end or help me come up with new ideas. 

9) Do you have a favourite book and author on Wattpad?

O gosh, there are so many talented people on that website but at the moment I love katrocks247 and her "Death" books. I'm a sarcastic person at heart and her books are hilarious yet dangerous and sexy. That is a very hard combination to pull off.

10) What advice would you give to people just starting to write stories on Wattpad?

Well I'd say don't give up. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't always ignore peoples advice. They can honestly help you with things you might not notice as the writer.

11) Why do you like to write stories?

My mind is filled with crazy ideas and writing them down just makes sense. I love to write because I'm tired of reading predicable stories. I like twists and turns so I might as well share them with the world. 

12) Favourite film?

I love Angelina Jolie so I'd have to say the Tomb Raider movies are my favorite.

Good choice!

13) Favourite song?

Saosin- You're Not Alone

14) Favourite band?

Breaking Benjamin

15) What is the one thing you can't live without?

Dark Chocolate ;)

16) Finally.... team edward or team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

I was always Team Edward from the beginning. You got to love vampires. Sorry pup. LOL  
Finishing Comment:
Hope that was good enough. It was an honor answering your guys' questions. Thanks for picking me and reading my story. 

Completely my pleasure! 
There you have it folks! I had so much fun doing this interview and I'm hoping that you all enjoy reading it! A huge thanks to romolavinia91 for taking part and check out her awesome
stories on Wattpad!! :D

Hello world! This is Bethy speaking and I have just finished my interview with X2sweetforyouX! I am so happy with this interview and it was a great one to do for my first one! She is amazing and you'll love her personality!

1) How did you hear about Wattpad?

Quizilla. That always seems to be the answer for many people on wattpad. I noticed how every one said that they are leaving to wattpad so I decided why not see what it was about. Truthfully at first I hated wattpad but
then it grew on me. Wattpad was so confusing at first.

2) Are any of the characters from your book 'The Word Love is Foreign' based on anyone (whether it be people you know or people you don't)? 

Ok so Emma is based on me a lot. Shes almost like a clone in a way but then she is her own person in a way too.Valentino is just... well Valentino Allegros. He really isn't but on anything besides what I wanted him to act like. Valentino name came from my aunt grandfather if that counts. Frankie is based on all my friends combided. That what makes him so awesome and he is my ultimate favorite character. Sasha is based on my little sister and Alex is based on my best friends older brother.

3) Do you have any other stories you are in the middle of writing?

I do. It wont be posted for a while though. Its about seven teenagers that are genetically enhanced when they were are born and are sent in all parts of the country when the government finds out what they are doing to the kids. When they are all teenagers they are found and brought in to talk to the president because a certain someone wants to take over the country and the seven teenagers are the only one who can save them. Also there team is called the seven. Not that original but I made them a logo like they have for avengers and The7 logo looks amazing so that's how I knew it was the one. The plot may change a little but this is what will most likely happen.
Here are the characters names:

5) Is writing a hobby or do you wish to go into it professionally?

I think it’s a hobby but I don't know if I really want to become an author yet. You never know. I think I may want to be a journalist. Tern vogue and Elle are like my dream jobs.

6) Who or what is your inspiration for writing?

Songs and people. I really like to take people personal experiences and put them into my own story and I feel people can relate more to somebody if they went through something like that. Take Emma for example she poor like most people now in this economy. Her father died from cancer and her brother has autism. It’s not something anybody can handle but Emma is strong and gets up every day for her family that way she can name them have a better life. Emma still has spunk in her and life even though her life is complete shit (excuse my French). I hope my character Emma shows that you can be strong even though life is taking a downturn.

7) Do you have a favourite book on Wattpad? 

I do. At the moment its the Italian billionaire but my all-time fav is Enjoying the chase by kristy1000. Absolutely love that book.

8) Do you have any advice for anybody just starting to write their own stories on Wattpad? 

Proof-read a lot. Keep checking to see if you have any mistakes or get an editor. Also be yourself. Who cares what other people think about your story. As long has you like it then that's all that matters. Have fun.

9) Harry potter or Twilight?

Harry potter. I really didn’t like Harry potter until the last couple movies. I used to love twilight but then I realized the book was just a load of crap and it ruined vampires for me. I'm more of the buyer games. It was out of my comfort zone but then I fell in love with the world and Finnick. Oh Finnick I love you...

10) Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Pauly D. I live diagonally from him and he's friends with my uncles. If you don’t know who he is he's from jersey shore.

11) Cats or dogs? 

Both. I have three cats and two dogs. My family is all about rescuing animals and almost all my cats and
dogs were rescued and he also find homes for many of them.

12) Favourite film? 

Any superhero movie. Mostly the avengers because well Chris Evans Butt is so cute and I just love Thor and Chris Hemsworth. I am a total action movie girl I cannot stand the notebook or any Nicholas sparks books. They are just too mushy. This is what's happens when you are surrounded by guys on the weekends.... that came out wrong and I am not a whore!!!!

I'm more of a Loki girl myself... ;P

13) Favourite fictional character?

Adrian because he's cute, drunk have the time but he has a very good reason,he has a super sweet side
around Sydney,  and hes an artist. I am a sucker for artist because I am one also too. He is from bloodlines by Richella mead.

14) Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Neither. I never watched Lord of the Rings or Star Wars but I like Star Trek.

15) Favourite band? 

Panic! At the disco. Brendon Urie has one of the most amazing voices ever.
The killers- I love their lyrics
My chemical romance
I have plenty more trust me!!

16) What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you? 

When I passed science class. I'm just kidding but that was one of the best. Hmmm.... becoming a first flute in band. It was pretty special.

17) And the most important one of all... Is Ian Somerhalder the sexiest man alive? 

OMG!!! don't even get me started. When I first watched Vampire Diaries I was like who is the guy and why is he so cute. I am in love with Him and he will be my future husband. My friends already know I called dibs. I love his eyes and he has my black hair. He is my dream guy. If you don't think that he is hot then there is something wrong with you.


Well I would have to agree
with you on that last answer X2sweetforyouX! He is gorgeous!

A big thanks to
  X2sweetforyouX for taking part in this interview! She is amazing!!

Hey world! This is Bethany speaking and do I have a treat with you! I have just interviewed the awesome... the incredible... the magnificent... WRITINGMYPASSION!!! This is a very special interview for me as she is one of my favourite authors on Wattpad! I know you're going to love her! Enjoy!

1) How did you find Wattpad?

Well, I have been writing since I was 11 years-old. I have always wanted to get my stories out to see what people thought. When my close friend,@mezilla11, told me about Wattpad I just could not resist.

2) I LOVE your book 'From Beta's sister to Alpha's mate'! Did you have to think 
bout it a lot to come up with the idea or was it like a light bulb moment?

Thanks! ;D Actually I dream up my stories. I always have ideas constantly flowing through my head and I will either try and add the idea to a story I already have or write a new. I actually dreamt about the part where
Marcus takes Kendra from Derek and I was like “Well, that sucks . . . I have to make it better” and then I wrote the story.

3) Are any of the characters based on anyone? Especially Derek, I always had a soft spot for him :P

Believe it or not most of my characters are never based off of anyone, but Derek’s possessive nature and his
sarcastic yet mature attitude is totally based off of my cousin which my friends find weird. ;/

4) I also adored your book 'A Mermaid's Tale', where did you get the inspiration to write that book from?

Good to hear! Yeah “A Mermaid’s Tale” is my favorite romance I have ever written. This one actually comes from old mermaid ideas. An old friend always said vampire’s and werewolves are over used topics, but as you can tell I love both species. So I took an old mermaid short and I added a little vampire to it and I got Aqua and Angel.

5) Did you enjoy writing it?

I love writing all my stories. Everything about writing makes me happy. In a world where it seems you
can control so little I love the control my stories gives. But sometimes my characters don’t let me have control . . . might sound weird, but I was mad for weeks and refused to post when I killed Marcus, but I had no other way to write it );

6) Are you working on any other books that aren't posted on Wattpad at the moment?

Yes, but I can’t say too much because I plan on posting it. All I can say is I am taking two stories that my fans have begged and begged for sequels to and I am putting them together and creating two sequels in one. I hope everyone enjoys it ;D

I'm sure they will!!

7) Do you have any special routines when you are planning out one of your stories or do you just go with the flow?

I would like to say I just go with the flow. As I mentioned before my characters sometimes take control. All I do is create them and then they are like little monsters in my head telling me to write this and that . . . I feel
like their little minion sometimes. Lol, could you imagine being controlled by ignorant little Angel?

Well... I wouldn't mind to be honest :P I loved Angel in 'A Mermaid's Tale' ;P

8) Which is your favourite book on Wattpad and not on Wattpad?

Gosh that’s a hard question! Umm, on Wattpad it would have to be between ‘Marked By Brothers’ by@Dream_Catcher18 or maybe ‘Sexton’ by@Sexton, I am addicted to both . . . but off Wattpad that is nearly impossible to answer. I could tell you the book I reread the most is, to my friends surprise is not ‘Twilight’, but in fact the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. She’s amazing and I strong suggests those books to anyone who likes steamy romances and dark angels.

Couldn't agree with you more on that one, I am also sooo addicted to the Hush, Hush series!! :D

9) Who is your favourite author on Wattpad and not on Wattpad?

There are so many! Gosh . . . on Wattpad it would have to be@Kristy1000, or@AmySezenias

10) What advice would you give to people who are just abour to start writing stories on Wattpad?

Follow what’s in that crazy head of yours! Never ever doubt yourself! No matter how out there or weird you
think your ideas are just write me down . . . there are other weirdos out there just like you who are craving something that you could write! I mean I thought I was crazy for my obsessions, but look at how many wonderful fans and followers I have! It’s amazing ;D

11) Do you have any pets?

Yes! My babies . . . I have a 13 year-old pure bred black lab and a 2 almost 3 year-old Bichon, Shih Tzu, Poodle mix . . . I love them both so much!

12) Do you have a best friend?

Yes! No question . . . she is actually the one who introduced me to Wattpad. Love you@mezilla11!!!!!

13) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I love dancing and acting crazy, because I am a goofy person who is hardly ever serious, but mostly
I just write . . . it’s my life ;D

14) Mind sharing your most embarrassing moment?

Most embarrassing moment? First you must understand that I am an incredibly clumbsy person so I have an embarrassing moment every day . . . but most? Well, I was dancing and singing in just my bra and underwear and I thought my door was closed, but then my brother walked in to asked me something and his two friends were right behind him . . . I blushed so bad I thought I was going to burn my face off! LOL, but it was hilarious!

15) What is your biggest dream that you want to achieve?

I can only hope that one day my books will be good enough to be published . . . that would really be amazing

I'm sure that you'll achieve your dream! Your books are amazing! :D

16) Do you want to be a professional writer or is it just a hobbie?

I hope to continue writing on the side and one day work for a Publishing company. If I get lucky . . . no, If I get good enough then I will get published and of course keep writing. Either way I will have a career
working around books and writers.

17) Finally... team Edward or team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

So hard . . . not! Pish, none of the above . . . TEAM DAMON! VAMPIRE DIARIES ALL THE WAY!! Hehe ;)

Haha, would have to agree with you on that one! I love Damon! :D

Finishing comment:
Thanks so much for interviewing me . . . Honestly it is such a honor. I can't believe I have made it this far ;)

So there you have it folks! The inner workings of the genius that is WritingMyPassion, if you haven't already then check her out on Wattpad! A big thanks to her for taking part in this interview, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :D