Hey world! This is Bethany speaking and do I have a treat with you! I have just interviewed the awesome... the incredible... the magnificent... WRITINGMYPASSION!!! This is a very special interview for me as she is one of my favourite authors on Wattpad! I know you're going to love her! Enjoy!

1) How did you find Wattpad?

Well, I have been writing since I was 11 years-old. I have always wanted to get my stories out to see what people thought. When my close friend,@mezilla11, told me about Wattpad I just could not resist.

2) I LOVE your book 'From Beta's sister to Alpha's mate'! Did you have to think 
bout it a lot to come up with the idea or was it like a light bulb moment?

Thanks! ;D Actually I dream up my stories. I always have ideas constantly flowing through my head and I will either try and add the idea to a story I already have or write a new. I actually dreamt about the part where
Marcus takes Kendra from Derek and I was like “Well, that sucks . . . I have to make it better” and then I wrote the story.

3) Are any of the characters based on anyone? Especially Derek, I always had a soft spot for him :P

Believe it or not most of my characters are never based off of anyone, but Derek’s possessive nature and his
sarcastic yet mature attitude is totally based off of my cousin which my friends find weird. ;/

4) I also adored your book 'A Mermaid's Tale', where did you get the inspiration to write that book from?

Good to hear! Yeah “A Mermaid’s Tale” is my favorite romance I have ever written. This one actually comes from old mermaid ideas. An old friend always said vampire’s and werewolves are over used topics, but as you can tell I love both species. So I took an old mermaid short and I added a little vampire to it and I got Aqua and Angel.

5) Did you enjoy writing it?

I love writing all my stories. Everything about writing makes me happy. In a world where it seems you
can control so little I love the control my stories gives. But sometimes my characters don’t let me have control . . . might sound weird, but I was mad for weeks and refused to post when I killed Marcus, but I had no other way to write it );

6) Are you working on any other books that aren't posted on Wattpad at the moment?

Yes, but I can’t say too much because I plan on posting it. All I can say is I am taking two stories that my fans have begged and begged for sequels to and I am putting them together and creating two sequels in one. I hope everyone enjoys it ;D

I'm sure they will!!

7) Do you have any special routines when you are planning out one of your stories or do you just go with the flow?

I would like to say I just go with the flow. As I mentioned before my characters sometimes take control. All I do is create them and then they are like little monsters in my head telling me to write this and that . . . I feel
like their little minion sometimes. Lol, could you imagine being controlled by ignorant little Angel?

Well... I wouldn't mind to be honest :P I loved Angel in 'A Mermaid's Tale' ;P

8) Which is your favourite book on Wattpad and not on Wattpad?

Gosh that’s a hard question! Umm, on Wattpad it would have to be between ‘Marked By Brothers’ by@Dream_Catcher18 or maybe ‘Sexton’ by@Sexton, I am addicted to both . . . but off Wattpad that is nearly impossible to answer. I could tell you the book I reread the most is, to my friends surprise is not ‘Twilight’, but in fact the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. She’s amazing and I strong suggests those books to anyone who likes steamy romances and dark angels.

Couldn't agree with you more on that one, I am also sooo addicted to the Hush, Hush series!! :D

9) Who is your favourite author on Wattpad and not on Wattpad?

There are so many! Gosh . . . on Wattpad it would have to be@Kristy1000, or@AmySezenias

10) What advice would you give to people who are just abour to start writing stories on Wattpad?

Follow what’s in that crazy head of yours! Never ever doubt yourself! No matter how out there or weird you
think your ideas are just write me down . . . there are other weirdos out there just like you who are craving something that you could write! I mean I thought I was crazy for my obsessions, but look at how many wonderful fans and followers I have! It’s amazing ;D

11) Do you have any pets?

Yes! My babies . . . I have a 13 year-old pure bred black lab and a 2 almost 3 year-old Bichon, Shih Tzu, Poodle mix . . . I love them both so much!

12) Do you have a best friend?

Yes! No question . . . she is actually the one who introduced me to Wattpad. Love you@mezilla11!!!!!

13) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I love dancing and acting crazy, because I am a goofy person who is hardly ever serious, but mostly
I just write . . . it’s my life ;D

14) Mind sharing your most embarrassing moment?

Most embarrassing moment? First you must understand that I am an incredibly clumbsy person so I have an embarrassing moment every day . . . but most? Well, I was dancing and singing in just my bra and underwear and I thought my door was closed, but then my brother walked in to asked me something and his two friends were right behind him . . . I blushed so bad I thought I was going to burn my face off! LOL, but it was hilarious!

15) What is your biggest dream that you want to achieve?

I can only hope that one day my books will be good enough to be published . . . that would really be amazing

I'm sure that you'll achieve your dream! Your books are amazing! :D

16) Do you want to be a professional writer or is it just a hobbie?

I hope to continue writing on the side and one day work for a Publishing company. If I get lucky . . . no, If I get good enough then I will get published and of course keep writing. Either way I will have a career
working around books and writers.

17) Finally... team Edward or team Jacob or team Twilight sucks?

So hard . . . not! Pish, none of the above . . . TEAM DAMON! VAMPIRE DIARIES ALL THE WAY!! Hehe ;)

Haha, would have to agree with you on that one! I love Damon! :D

Finishing comment:
Thanks so much for interviewing me . . . Honestly it is such a honor. I can't believe I have made it this far ;)

So there you have it folks! The inner workings of the genius that is WritingMyPassion, if you haven't already then check her out on Wattpad! A big thanks to her for taking part in this interview, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :D

Dude...I was just creeping on my little bestie and what do you know, she got an interview! I'm so proud Kat!


Love you girl!!!!! ;D


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