Hey world! This is Bethany
speaking! I am very excited about this interview as it is with one of my all
time favourite authors on Wattpad... PRINCESS_ROSE!!!! She is the GENIUS that
writes 'The Cheerleader and the Cage Fighter are... Dance Partners?' and one of
my favourite books on Wattpad! I know you're going to love this interview!

How did you find Wattpad?

I was searching online for a new writing site to write on and
ended up finding Wattpad via Google... and I'm very glad that I did

So am

2) Your story 'The
  Cheerleader and the Cage Fighter are... Dance Partners?' is one of the best
  things that I have ever read! How did you come up with the story

I wanted to write a romantic story about two people that on the
surface appear to be complete opposites. I always get forced to watch UFC/ MMA/
Boxing, etc so I decided it would be cool to have a boy that was

a fighter and a girl that was a cheerleader as cheerleaders are
stereotypically seen as being overly happy and

3) Did you have any
particular inspirations or

I straight away thought of Brittany Snow for Kaydie and in my
opinion she's almost perfect looking so I decided that the character Kaydie was
going to be viewed as being perfect by the people around her, not only in looks
but in personality, etc. I saw a fight between a fighter called Dominic Cruz and
I think he was probably part of the reason that I decided to have a fighter in
my story as I took a bit of interest in his fighting and his back story.

4) Like any normal girl
would be, I am loving your character Liam! How did you come up with his

Well, a lot of young UFC fighters are really good looking so
obviously I wanted him to be too. I wanted him to come across as being a bit of
a bad boy but also that he was smart and a good friend. I wracked my brains
  trying to think of an actor that looked like how I imagined him; initially all
  I could think of was Matt Lanter (but he was the person I used for Ricky in
  MLWSWY), but then I remembered the character in Vampires Suck and was like AHA!
  THAT'S LIAM! I wanted Liam to be someone that could kick someones ass, but also
  be loveable (and huggable).

Haha, I love that

5) Can you give us any sneak
peeks into your next chapter or are you going to surprise

Liam and Kaydie go to the fair with Chelsea and Jordan

6) From reading your book I
can tell that you are a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold ;) So are they big
influence in your life? (Loving the 'scream' bit in TCATCFADP

Yeah, I've loved Avenged Sevenfold for years, they're amazing. I
met them in 2006 which was amazeballs! I almost got the deathbat tattoo when I
was 18, but I chickened out at the last minute - I think I'd still consider
getting a tiny deathbat tattoo. I find their music very therapeutic when I'm
angry or stressed lol. I actually wrote a few Avenged Sevenfold fanfics years
and years ago.

Nice! I am so

7) Did you think that your
books would be this popular?

Nope - I'm really ecstatic that they are

8) Is there anything that
you'd like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for reading my stories, I truly appreciate it.
I know sometimes I can take a while to update, but I have a lot on my plate at
the moment. It does make me really happy though that people are enjoying the
stories enough that they are willing to

9) What advice would you
give to people who are about to start writing their own stories on

To write for themselves. Some stories will become really popular,
some won't - it's important to not let the popularity of it affect whether you
continue writing it. At first my MLWSWY didn't have many reads or comments but I
loved the story and I continued writing it


10) Do you want to go into
writing professionally or is it just a

I would absolutely LOVE to, but I don't think that I am anywhere
near good enough. When I read my stories, I know that they can be improved loads
- it's just finding the spare time to properly edit

Well I think that you could
definitely publish them!

11) Do you have a favourite
author and book on Wattpad?

I have quite a few.... I'd say that at the moment I'm eagerly
waiting for katrocks247 to upload the next part of Death I My Frenemy - I love
the whole Death Is My BFF story that she's done. My other favourite authors and
stories are: Reekles - The Kissing Booth, xXBeautifulFighterXx - The Way He's
Not, farawayfromnowhere - Never Have I Ever. There are loads more stories that I

12) What is the pet peeve
you hate the most?

I hate people that talk behind your back, even though they
repeatedly say "If I've got something to say, I'll say it to someones face".
Like I've said before, I also hate hearing English people say

13) Favourite

My favourite bands of all time are: N'Sync, Green Day, Avenged
Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and

I am also completely in love
with My Chemical Romance!!

Favourite song?

I like so many songs.... N'Sync - I Want You Back, Green Day -
Redundant, Simple Plan - Save You, Good Charlotte - Hold On, Avenged Sevenfold -
Warmness On The Soul, The Calling - Wherever You Will

15) Favourite

The Lost Boys and The Little

The Little Mermaid was my
childhood! Oh how I love that film!

16) What is the most amazing
thing that has ever happened to

Having my little girl. It's been hard work, but she is so worth

Aww, that's

17) Finally... team
Edward or team Jacob or team Twilight

When I first read the books I was all Team Edward and hated
Jacob. Then when I saw the films, I started liking both of them (fickle I know).
So... Team Edward AND Jacob.

Haha, both is a VERY
good answer :P So there you have it folks! Still in awe that I got to interview
princess_rose *squeals*... and I'm over it :P I hope you enjoyed reading this
interview as much as I enjoyed it! A huge thank you to princess_rose for taking
part and a massive thanks to YOU for reading it! Peace out and rock on!

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